Voice over IP (VoIP)

PrintLogix VoIP Powered by Public Telephone Company was formed in 2003 with the purpose of solving business communication needs. Today, our scope is larger but our purpose has remained the same. We are continuing to provide businesses with innovative services that offer greater capabilities and superior service at the best value.
PrintLogix VoIP is an industry leader in our commitment to providing superior customer service. All of our services are delivered efficiently and effectively. Your business has a single point of contact for all of your office’s communication needs. This greatly reduces the time and investment in managing these services. Your dedicated representative knows your account, and you receive a single monthly bill for all services.

Reasons for upgrading your phones:

  • Current system is no longer supported by manufacturer.
  • Replacement and expansion parts are difficult to source.
  • The lack of maintenance and support services.
  • The need to wait for a support technician to arrive on-site.
  • The system can’t keep up with growth of the organization
  • Expense of adding additional lines from Telephone Carrier
    Outdated technology.

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