About us


We have been part of the central Florida business community since the early 80’s through a number of business units that comprise PrintLogix.

We have a vast amount of individual experience to share with our business partners so that we may help them address/ solve their individual business challenges. All four of our business units have personnel leading them with 20+ year’s experience.

Although we are comprised of four separate and distinct business units there will be only one point of contact for each phase of our business relationship; sales; service; administration and supplies. These individuals are charged with visiting your account, getting to know your personnel so that we may better understand your needs and businesses requirements.

“We Get It.”We understand business and its many challenges and demands. All of our business units are led by entrepreneurs who have experienced the rigors of business that we all deal with daily.

Quarterly or semiannual reviews are mandatory of all our account representatives. The management team from PrintLogix will always be represented. Vanguard technologies, as well as, changes in security requirements and compliance issues will also be addressed during these operational reviews.

PrintLogix was formed to create a “cradle to grave” enterprise to assist all our business partners’ address their document and workflow challenges. PrintLogix will assist our business partners implement business processes and technologies that address all their business requirements from document creation, through to, final document destruction.